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Matt Connors @ Xavier Hufkens


© 2018 Matt Connors

Courtesy of
The Artist
Xavier Hufkens

Installation &
individual views,
Allard Bovenberg


July 6 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Matt Connors,
Look Up’ @
Xavier Hufkens,

A mischievous
embrace of familiar
templates to
create what the
artist refers to
as ‘compelling

The exhibition: 
Is NY-based Connors's 
second solo with
Xavier Hufkens, 
featuring a new body 
of works developing
a wide range of
tones, building on
the inspiration he
draws from life in
a city built on grids,
lines, and boundaries. 

Title reference: 
Point of view is
essential to examining
these images. We could
indeed be looking up,
or even down, at the
infrastructure of
a modern metropolis. 
We could be looking
from, or even  
into, the myriad
patterns of
urban life. 

What questions
arise when we look
at the world not as
the signifiers we
know, but as a
series of unknowns?
What knowledge can
we gain by confusing

2-TIMES' highlights: 

· Long, Long Time Between 
Now And My Death, 2018
· Murder(er)s Mom
For Patrick, 2018

On view at: 
Xavier Hufkens
Rue Saint-Georges 6,
1050 Ixelles, Belgium

July 20, 2018.