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Matt Paweski @ Herald St


© Matt Paweski
Courtesy of
Herald St

Individual views,
Ruben Diaz

Installation views,
Andy Keate

Matt's portrait,
Peter Bohler

Quoted excerpts,
via conversation
with Diane Simpson


March 10, 2017

2-TIMES · Art
Matt Paweski
@ Herald St 

Ultimately the 
initial drawing
needs to have an
energy and an
oddness to move
forward, and a
durability of 
that is sustained
over time.

Key inspiration: 
Nature; organic 
qualities, paired 
with details from 
the constructed 

Paweski’s works 
begin their lives as 
rudimentary preparatory 
drawings which serve 
as templates for his 
I appreciate a 
process that’s a bit 
wonky to begin with 
but becomes crookedly 
refined over time.

The exhibition:
Is the Los Angeles-
based sculptural
artist's second solo 
with Herald St in 
London, presenting
a new series of works
consisting entirely
of aluminium plates
and sheets joined
by copper rivets,
and illuminated by
vibrant monochromes
of vinyl paint. 

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Phoenix, 2017 
· Char, 2017 

On view at: 
Herald St 

2 Herald St,
London E2 6JT,
United Kingdom. 

March 26, 2017.