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Maxwell Alexandre @ David Zwirner


© 2020 Maxwell Alexandre

Courtesy of
The Artist,
A Gentil Carioca,
David Zwirner

Gabi Carerra
Jack Hems


December 8, 2020 

2-TIMES  Art
Maxwell Alexandre,
Pardo é Papel:
Close a door to
open a window

@ David Zwirner

A new ‘album,’ 
emphasizing the 
impact of global hip-
hop in contemporary
Black storytelling...

1990 – Rio de Janeiro, 

The exhibition:
Is the Brazilian artist's 
first solo in the UK, 
presenting new works 
from his ongoing Pardo 
é Papel
 series – taking 
its name from the 
Portuguese word pardo, 
meaning ‘brown’, which 
refers to the widely 
available kraft paper 
that Alexandre uses as 
a support for his work, 
as well as to the census-
designated category 
used to describe Afro-
Brazilian people and 
others of mixed race. 

Observing how 
forces such as the
evangelical church,
organised crime, and
state violence exert 
control in the city’s 
favelas, the artist 
makes visible the 
primary authorities 
that shape the lives 
of its Black inhabitants 
and amplifies everyday 
symbols that serve as 
displays of strength 
and resilience.

· Pintei o Éden de preto, 2020 
· I saw things I imagined, 2020 

On view at:
David Zwirner 
24 Grafton Street, 
Mayfair, London 
W1S 4EZ, 
United Kingdom. 

January 30, 2021.