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Michael Berryhill @ Night Gallery


Courtesy of
The Artist
Night Gallery

Individual works,
Adam Reich

Installation views,
Nik Massey


December 16, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
Michael Berryhill,
Loony Tombs
@ Night Gallery

Line and color 
behave as though 
trying to remember 
a smoky vision 
dreamed just after 
waking, or an 
obscure cartoon 
seen years ago

The exhibition

Is Brooklyn-based 
Berryhill's first solo 
with Night Gallery 
in Los Angeles, 
presenting a new 
series of lusciously 
colored oil paintings, 
which feature textured 
and layered lines, 
and are sometimes 
juxtaposed with 
ambiguous figures. 

His search for the
moment when a
painting develops
an undeniable inner
animus, a presence
which demands
is rooted in a
fundamental human
desire for experiencing
objects firsthand —
as Berryhill puts it,
the part of being
human that is
worth fighting for

· H-O-B (hats on beds) 
· Lux Exterior 

On view at: 
Night Gallery 

2276 E 16th St,
Los Angeles,
CA 90021,
United States. 

December 22, 2016.