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Milton Avery @ Victoria Miro


© Milton Avery

Courtesy of
The Artist
Victoria Miro, London

Installation views,
Jack Hems

Individual works,
The Milton & Sally
Avery Arts Foundation

Quoted text,
Edith Devaney


July 3, 2017

2-TIMES · Art
Milton Avery @
Victoria Miro,

Avery spanned, and 
to an extent became 
the link between, two 
significant twentieth 
century national 
movements: American 
Impressionism and 
Abstract Expressionism.


1885. Altmar, 
New York. 

Celebrated for: 
His luminous paintings 
of landscapes, figures 
and still lifes, which 
balance distillation 
of form with free, 
vigorous brushwork 
and lyrical colour

The exhibition: 
is Victoria Miro's 
first exhibition 
by Avery since 
its European 
representation of 
Milton Avery’s 
work, and also 
the first exhibition 
of the artist’s 
work in London 
for ten years – 
featuring paintings 
and works on paper 
from throughout 
his career, ranging 
in date from the 
1930's to the 1960's

Of note: 

Many of Avery's 
works on display 
at Victoria Miro 
have never been 
exhibited outside 
of the United States. 

2-TIMES' highlights: 
Vine, 1955 
· French Landscape, 1953 

On view at: 

Victoria Miro Mayfair 
14 St George St, 
Mayfair, London 
W1S 1FH, UK. 

July 29, 2017.