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Milton Avery @ Victoria Miro


© 2019 The Milton
Avery Trust
Artists Rights Society
(ARS), New York

All images:
Courtesy of The
Milton and Sally Avery
Arts Foundation
Victoria Miro,


September 4, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
Milton Avery,
The Late Portraits
@ Victoria Miro

What was Avery’s
repertoire? His living
room, Central Park,
his wife Sally, his
daughter March…
his friends and
whatever world
strayed through his
studio; a domestic,
unheroic cast.

1885, New York. 

The exhibition:
Presents a series
of portraits by Milton 
Averydrawn from
the last four years
of the artist's life

Characterised by
economy of touch
and luminescence
of colour, the works
on view see Avery
apply a lifetime of
experience to cherished
subjects and motifs. 

Together, the
works reveal Avery’s
undiminished drive
to create, as well
as the enduring
strength and deep
comfort of familial

On view at:
Victoria Miro 
Il Capricorno, 
San Marco 1994,
30124 Venice, 

September 8, 2019.