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Mona Hatoum @ White Cube


© 2019 Mona Hatoum

All images & content:
Courtesy of The Artist
White Cube, London

Theo Christelis
Ollie Hammick

Mona's portrait:
Gabby Laurent


October 21, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
Mona Hatoum,
Remains to be Seen
@ White Cube

Exploring the
elemental forms
of the grid and the
sphere, drawing on
both the geometric
rigour of minimalist
sculpture and the
possibilities for its
formal collapse...

1952 – Beirut, Lebanon. 

‘Remains to
be Seen’:
Is Hatoum's first
presentation of
her work in London
since Tate Modern in
2016 – comprising new
and recent installation,
sculpture and works on
paper; reflecting on
subjects that arise from
our current global
condition, including
systems of confinement,
the architecture of
surveillance and
themes of mobility
and conflict. 

The whole ensemble
appears like shadows
of the solid objects
they once were,
locating the idea of
'home' not as a place
of refuge and established
order but as a site of
upheaval, disorder
and the uncanny.

2-TIMES' highlights: 
Hot Spot (2018) 
· Inside Out (2019) 

On view at:
White Cube 
Bermondsey St,
London SE1 3TQ,
United Kingdom. 

3 November 2019.