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Morag Keil @ ICA


© 2019 Morag Keil

All images:
Courtesy of The Artist
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Installation views:
Mark Blower

Other installation &
individual views:
· Project Native
Informant, London

· Jenny's, Los Angeles
(Ed Mumford)

· Galerie Isabella
Bortolozzi, Berlin


April 5, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
Morag Keil,
Moarg Kiel
@ Institute of
Contemporary Arts

Frequently adopting
a lo-fi, pared-back
aesthetic, incorporating
everyday objects and 
found materials alongside
digital innovations that
affect domestic life...

1985 – Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moarg Kiel’:
Is London-based Keil's 
first major solo exhibition
in the UK @ICA, featuring
new and reconceived
works that span the last
eight years of her career, 
comprising practices
counting installation, film,
painting and drawing —  
through which the artist
seeks to investigate the
impact of data-capitalism
and digital technologies on
contemporary subjectivities. 

Keil appropriates and
re-presents aspects
of branding strategies
from advertisements &
social media platforms
to investigate & expose
pervasive techniques for
influencing consumerist

2-TIMES highlights: 
Passive Aggressive, 2016 
· Controllers, 2018 

On view at:
Institute of 
Contemporary Arts
The Mall, St. James's,
London SW1Y 5AH, 
United Kingdom. 

April 14, 2019.