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N. Dash @ Zeno X


© 2018 N. Dash

All Images:
Courtesy of
The Artist,
Zeno X Gallery


June 22, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
N. Dash @
Zeno X Gallery

Spanning a 
kind of human 
geological time 
– tracing from 
preverbal infancy 
to the present...

New Mexico
& New York. 

The exhibition: 
Is Dash's first solo 
with Zeno X Gallery, 
presenting a series
of new paintings that
exist in concert with
her fabric sculptures;
they describe each
other as part of an
interrelated exchange
between the two. 

Individual parts are 
variously arranged 
adjacent to, on, over 
or apart from each 
other indicating 
iterative possibilities, 
creating a whole and 
shifting the earth 
from the existential 
plane upon which we 
stand to the vertical 
register of the wall, 
the field of vision.

2-TIMES' highlights: 
Untitled, 2018 
· Untitled, 2018 

On view at: 
Zeno X Gallery 
Godtsstraat 15, 
2140 Antwerpen, 

June 30, 2018.