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Nick Relph @ Herald St


© Nick Relph

Courtesy of
the artist &
Herald St

Installation Views &
Individual Works,
Andy Keate


June 27, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
Nick Relph 
@ Herald St

1979, London. 

How 2-TIMES 
learned of Nick: 
Via Relph's 2010 
film, Thre Stryppis 
Quhite Upon ane 
Blak Field
, which 
connects the 
history of tartan, 
Rei Kawakubo's 
Comme des Garçons, 
and American artist 
Ellsworth Kelly. 

Film production, 
moving images &
textile weaving. 

Relph’s interest 
in handmade, 
woven textiles 
stems from an 
appreciation of 
the labour involved 
in their production, 
in addition to the 
particular formal 
and material 
resonance of these 
constructed fabrics 
within our digitally-
oriented culture.

The exhibition:

Is Relph's second 
solo at Herald St 
in London, presenting 
an assortment of the
New York-based
artist's latest work,
including cibachromes,
c-prints, and framed / 
cotton-rounded colour
photocopies on acetate. 

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Anti-gate, 2016 
· Glorifying The
Amercian Girl, 2016

On view at: 
Herald St

2 Herald Street,
London E2 6JT, 
United Kingdom 

July 24, 2016.