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Oscar Tuazon @ Luhring Augustine


© 2018
Oscar Tuazon

Courtesy of
The Artist
Luhring Augustine

Farzad Owrang

Oscar's portrait:
Todd Cole


May 21, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Oscar Tuazon
@ Luhring

Occupying the space
between architecture
and activism...

The exhibition: 
Is LA-based Oscar
first solo
with Luhring Augustine
since signing with
the gallery in 2017,
for which the artist 
presents a series
of sculptures whose
dimensions derive
from the architectural
openings of ‘Zome
’ — a hollowed
wooden structure
consisting of eleven
traversable polyhedral
units, or zomes. 

He considers a
sculptural installation
as being homologous
to a house, as both
are continuously built,
repaired & maintained

By extension, the
act of inhabiting or
occupying a space
functions as a kind
of artistic production,
serving as the
undercurrent of his
predominantly site-
specific practice.

2-TIMES' highlights:
· Blueprint Window (LAWS), 2018 
· Rainbender (E 4th), 2018 

On view at: 
Luhring Augustine 

531 W 24th St,
New York, NY 10011,
United States. 

June 16, 2018.