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Pedro Reyes @ Lisson Gallery


© 2018 Pedro Reyes

Courtesy of
Lisson Gallery

Installation views,
Jack Hems


April 12, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Pedro Reyes,
@ Lisson Gallery

A fictional, pan-
historical museum
of sculpture.

The exhibition: 
Is Reyes's first
London solo since
his 2013 show with
Lisson Gallery titled
Disarm’, through
which the Mexican-
born artist explores
both figurative and
abstract approaches
to sculpture utilising
materials including
volcanic stone,
marble, bronze
and steel. 

Most statues
commemorate a 
historical event,
or the life of an
influential person...

Given the current
political climate,
I envisioned the
anonymous protester
as the incarnation
of a contemporary
hero, taking to the
streets as an act
of resistance.

highlight series: 
· Colloquium 

On view at: 
Lisson Gallery 
27 Bell Street, 
London NW1 5BY, 
United Kingdom. 

April 21, 2018.