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Nan Goldin @ Gagosian


© 2024 Nan Goldin

Courtesy of:
The Artist

Installation views:
Annik Wetter
Alex Yudzon

Nan's portrait:
Thea Traff


January 10, 2024

2-TIMES  Art
Nan Goldin,
Full Moon’ 
@ Gagosian

I prefer animals
to human beings
at this stage in
my life [...]

1953 —
Washington, D.C. 

The exhibition:
Features nine color
photographs captured
between 1979 & 2021, 
presented alongside
Sirens’ – the first
work by Goldin made
exclusively from found
video footage, which
is accompanied by a
haunting score by
English composer,
Mica Levi. 

When you forget
to look at someone
close to you for
a long time and
suddenly you look,
it’s a revelation.
That’s been my
relationship to the
world and what I’ve
been photographing
since I was fifteen.

2-TIMES highlights:
· ‘Thora at my vanity,
Brooklyn NY (2021)
· ‘Full moon over
Bois de Vincennes,
Paris (2004)

On view at:
Gagosian, Basel 
Rheinsprung 1,
4051 Basel,

January 27, 2024.