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Rashid Johnson @ Hauser & Wirth


© 2020 Rashid Johnson

All images:
Courtesy of
The Artist
Hauser & Wirth


May 11, 2020 

2-TIMES  Art
Rashid Johnson,
Untitled Anxious
Red Drawings

@ Hauser & Wirth

Crude archetypal
faces express the
fundamental tensions
and traumas that
course through
contemporary life

1977 – Chicago (IL), 
United States. 

The (Online) Exhibition:
Presents 8 new works
by New York-based
Johnson, which adopt
a blood red medium for
the first time in his well-
known ‘Anxious Men
series, capturing the
life and death urgency
of this unprecedented

Johnson’s ‘Anxious
Men’ series has been
characterized by faces
scratched into the
pictorial surface in a
kind of drawing through
erasure, where his new
Anxious Red Drawings
employ only the direct
application of intense
color. The repeated
motif in his new works
suggest both the
ongoing context of
global instability and
our new reality

Rashid Johnson will
donate 10% of his
proceeds of the sale
of works from this
exhibition to the
COVID-19 Solidarity
Response Fund for
the WHO, matching
Hauser & Wirth’s
commitment to support
the Fund through
donation of 10% of
its gross profits from
all online exhibitions,
as part of the gallery’s
ongoing #artforbetter