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Ross Bleckner @ Capitain Petzel


© 2020 Ross Bleckner

Courtesy of The Artist
Capitain Petzel, Berlin

Artist's portrait:
Studio Ross Bleckner

Installation views:
Jens Ziehe


October 1, 2020 

2-TIMES  Art
Ross Bleckner,
Quid Pro Quo
@ Capitain Petzel

The main thing 
for me is how the 
image is disembodied, 
almost vaporized, 
into this continuous 
pulsating glow that 
emanates from

1949 — New York, 
United States. 

Quid Pro Quo’: 
Is Bleckner's first solo 
at the Berlin gallery, 
comprising a series 
of recent paintings 
which shift in and 
out of focus, just as 
the artist understands 
the mind’s way of 
functioning — he paints 
based on the mutations 
of his consciousness. 

These works, made 
in the solitude of my 
East Hampton studio, 
reflect on the failure 
of one generation to 
pass a better world 
along to the next, 
and the attempt (…) 
to nevertheless continue 
to live with a modicum 
of peace (and) joy.

2-TIMES' highlights:
· Love and Letting Go III, 2020 
· Untitled, 2020 

On view at: 
Capitain Petzel 
Karl-Marx-Allee 45, 
10178 Berlin, 

November 7, 2020.