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Sara Cwynar @ The approach


© 2020 Sara Cwynar

All images & content:
Courtesy of The Artist
The approach, London

Installation views:
Jedrzej Nyka


April 20, 2020 

2-TIMES  Art
Sara Cwynar,
@ The approach

I wanted to
think through the
multiplication of a
person in images;
how people are
reproduced (and
increasingly reproduce
themselves), and how
this process suggests
an overwhelming
amount of choice
that isn’t actually
a choice at all...

1985 — Vancouver,
BC, Canada. 

Is New York-based 
artist Sara Cwynar's 
first with The approach, 
featuring ‘Red Film’, 
the third film in a trilogy
exploring how desire
manifests through
Marilyn conveys
an endless circling
of objects, images,
and value signifiers.
The same images
(and bodies) are used
over and over—be it
Marilyn Monroe’s body,
a reclining nude in a
classical painting, or
a model on an
E-commerce site. 

Red Film critiques
capitalism’s persuasive,
constant pressure to
conform and consume;
questioning the effects
of this torrent on the
self; and pointing to
the use of ‘high art’
to sell aspirational

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On view at:
The approach 

1/F, 47 Approach Rd,
London E2 9LY,
United Kingdom. 

April 30, 2020.