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Sarah Morris @ White Cube


© 2018
Sarah Morris

Courtesy of
The Artist
White Cube

Individual views:
Ron Amstutz

Installation views:
Kitmin Lee

Sarah's portrait:
Wendy Bowman


June 12, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Sarah Morris,
Your Words
Become Mine

@ White Cube

Portraying a
vision ordered
by social forces,
where the boundaries
of fact and fiction,
‘truth’ and its
representation are
always blurred.

The exhibition: 
Is British-born 
Morris's first solo 
in Hong Kong, 
introducing two 
new series of 
paintings as well 
as the Guggenheim
feature-length film
Abu Dhabi (2016). 
The presentation 
coincides with the 
artist's large-scale 
survey show, ‘Sarah 
Morris: Odysseus 
’, at UCCA 
in Beijing. 

Her non-narrative
films, which can
be understood as
fantasies of place,
are produced in
parallel to the
paintings; dual
practices that are
described by the
artist as ‘two sides
of the same coin’.

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Deviancy is the Essence
[Sound graph], 2018

· Umm Al Nar
[Abu Dhabi], 2018

On view at: 
White Cube 
50 Connaught Road,
Central, Hong Kong. 

July 7, 2018.