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Thomas Ruff @ Sprüth Magers


© Thomas Ruff /
VG Bild–Kunst,
Bonn, 2017
Sprüth Magers

Installation &
Individual views,
Timo Ohler


July 17, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Thomas Ruff,
press++’ @
Sprüth Magers,

The image comes
to be considered
in terms of artistic
value when it is
slowly severed
from its source...

The exhibition: 
Is Ruff's first solo
with Sprüth Magers
in Berlin, presenting 
a new series of works,
all of which are being
shown for the first
time, and are inspired
by images that have
been published in
American newspapers
and magazines from
the 1920's to 1970's.

To produce these
works, Ruff scans
the front and back of
each photograph and
combines them
digitally, taking into
account the original
image as well as crops,
touch-ups, date stamps,
scribbles and smudges.

Each of these marks
varies in line, colour,
and implement used;
a red stamp, an inky
blue fingerprint, a
biro squiggle.

Despite how
invisible the hand
of the editor is
typically made to
seem, here they
are placed front
and centre.

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On view at: 
Sprüth Magers

Oranienburger Str. 18,
10178 Berlin, Germany. 

September 2, 2017.