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Tørbjørn Rødland @ Air de Paris


© Tørbjørn Rødland

Courtesy of
The Artist,
Air de Paris

Installation &
Individual views,
Marc Domage


June 29, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Tørbjørn Rødland,
Birthday Sleep
@ Air de Paris 

Stavanger, Norway. 

Lives / works: 
Los Angeles. 

...bringing a 
surgical sensuality 
to an eroticism of 
danger that 
mingles pure 
pleasure with 
authentic disquiet.” 

The exhibition:
Marks Rødland's 4th
solo at Air de Paris,
and features a series
new photographs
whose subtle, repeated
oxymorons generate
an undeniable mix
of attraction and

As beautiful as they 
are scary, Rødland’s 
new photographs 
expand our vision of 
the image’s intimacy 
and credibility, with a 
proximity that subtly 
and fundamentally 
eludes one-track
interpretation and 
unilateral emotions.” 

Birthday Sleep: 
Continues from
Russian director 
Sergei Eisenstein’s 
theory of non–indifferent
nature and the
collaging of scenes
according to their
visual power & impact.

In this way, Tørbjørn 
explores a form of
psychological realism,
a face to face
confrontation with
our own knowledge
of the image. 

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Stockings, Jeans,
Carpeted Stairs, 2013-17
· 5W4, 2015-17

On view at: 
Air de Paris 

32 Rue Louise Weiss,
75013 Paris, France. 

July 22, 2017. 


bringing a surgical sensuality to an eroticism of danger that mingles
pure pleasure with authentic disqu