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Troy Brauntuch @ Petzel


© 2020 Troy Brauntuch

All images/content:
Courtesy of
The Artist
Petzel, New York


February 24, 2020

2-TIMES  Art
Troy Brauntuch, 
A Strange New

@ Petzel

Exposing the ease
by which information
in sensitive archives
can be manipulated
and referenced at
later points in time,
as truth...

1954 — New Jersey,
United States. 

The exhibition:
Marks Brauntuch’s 
eighth show with Petzel,
and his second at the
Upper East Side location
— presenting a series
of new works by the
artist, exploring archival
found imagery of the
Great German Art
Exhibitions to generate
new meaning within
our current socio-
political climate.

I think I am reusing
something that operates
in the world, and I am
finding this strange
beautiful setting that
allows it to be re-
presented and allows
it to be beautiful.

2-TIMES highlights: 
Green and Rose
Barron, 2019
· A Strange New Beauty
(32 Plates), 2019

On view at:

35 E 67th Street,
New York, NY 10065,
United States. 

March 14, 2020.