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Urs Fischer @ Max Hetzler


© 2019 Urs Fischer

All images:
Courtesy of The Artist
Galerie Max Hetzler,
Berlin | Paris | London

Installation views:
def image

Individual views:
Stefan Altenburger

Quoted excerpts:
Urs interviewed by
Annie Armstrong


March 12, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
Urs Fischer,
@ Galerie
Max Hetzler

Some artworks I
encounter make me
understand things in
a non-linear way, and
I think that’s where the
true power is to me,
rather than in rational
or political worlds.

1973 — Zurich, Switzerland. 

The exhibition:
Installed across both
Berlin galleries, ‘Sirens’ 
presents a new series
of landscape paintings
inspired by classic cinema;
alongside a collection of
small-scale sculptures
and poetic vignettes,
pivoting around a pond
nestled in vegetation,
rhythmically disrupted
by a single drop landing
in its center. 

Urs on creation:
Rather than working
in specific theories or
in some style. I just
try to make them
(paintings). Same
with the sculptures.

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Sunset, 2019 
· To be titled, 2019 

On view at:
Galerie Max Hetzler 
Bleibtreustraße 45 
Goethestraße 2-3. 

April 12, 2019.