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Valie Export @ Thaddaeus Ropac


© Valie Export /
Bildrecht 2019

Courtesy of:
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac,
London • Paris • Salzburg

Ben Westoby


January 17, 2020

2-TIMES  Art
Valie Export,
The 1980 Venice
Biennale Works

@ Galerie Thaddaeus
Ropac (London)

Since the beginning 
of the 1970's, I have 
addressed – through 
actionism, photography 
and drawing – the subject 
of representing body 
posture as an expression 
of inner states...” 

1940 – Linz, Austria. 

The exhibition:
Is Export's first solo in 
London with Galerie 
Thaddaeus Ropac
presenting the artist's 
innovative multimedia 
installation from the 39th 
Venice Biennale; comprising 
works from her photographic 
series, ‘Body Configurations’ 
(1972–1982), centred 
around the monumental 
sculpture, ‘Gerburtenbett’ 
(1980), and a looped video 
recording of a Catholic 
mass transubstantiation. 

From complex embraces 
of recognisable and 
historical symbols of 
urban architecture, to 
discerning interactions 
with the natural landscape, 
Export questions the 
presumed division 
between the physicality 
of the body and its 

2-TIMES highlights:
· Einkreisung, 1976 / 
Print 1980 
· Abrundung II, 1976 / 
Print 1980 

On view at:
Galerie Thaddaeus
Ely House, 
37 Dover St (Mayfair), 
London W1S 4NJ, 
United Kingdom. 

January 25, 2020.