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Wade Guyton @ Chantal Crousel


© 2019 Wade Guyton

All images:
Courtesy of The Artist
Galerie Chantal Crousel

Exhibition views:
Martin Argyroglo

Individual views:
Ron Amstutz

Quoted Interview Excerpts:
Hans Ulrich Obrist


March 25, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
Wade Guyton,
Natural Wine
@ Galerie
Chantal Crousel

Modifying the
codes of modernism

1972 — Hammond,
Indiana, USA. 

‘Natural Wine’:
Is New York-based
Wade Guyton's 3rd solo
with Galerie Chantal
Crousel, comprising 
images of paintings
laid on the ground to
dry or hung on the wall
with bedbugs, leftovers
of lunch, as well as a
view of his studio
taken in January 

He uses digital
technologies – iPhones,
cameras, computers
and consumer-grade
printers, as tools
to create his works. 

The structure is 
set, there are only 
so many compositional
possibilities. The printer 
functions a certain way,
but you like to be
surprised sometimes…
often you’re trying to
do a particular thing
and the work will tell
you that you’re wrong
and there’s a better
way to work.

On view at:
Galerie Chantal Crousel 
10 Rue Charlot, 
75003 Paris, France. 

April 6, 2019.