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Zhou Li @ White Cube


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White Cube


June 27, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
Zhou Li,
Original State of Mind
@ White Cube

The way people
normally view the
world is as through
a window — from
inside out or outside
in, but I try to stand
in the middle...

1969 – Hunan, China. 

Original State of Mind: 
Is Shenzhen-based
Zhou Li's first solo in
the UK, featuring
large-scale paintings
from two new series
of works

Line-making lies
at the core of her
practice, which 
incorporates illusory, 
endless loops and 
defining blocks of 
colour that delimit 
transient, open spaces.

Attempting to access
an unhindered way
of observing and
understanding, Zhou
considers both her own
self and the objects
around her as equally
valuable to her art;
each indivisible one
from the other.

2-TIMES highlights: 
· Wind and Thunder 
No.1 (2018) 
· The Peach Garden - 
Forevoice (2018) 

On view at:
White Cube 

Bermondsey Street,
London SE1 3TQ,
United Kingdom. 

June 30, 2019.