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Zipora Fried @ On Stellar Rays


Courtesy of
The Artist
On Stellar Rays

Installation &
individual views,
Kirsten Kilponen

Zipora's portrait,
Kimberly Lin


November 7, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
Zipora Fried
Late October’ @
On Stellar Rays

Pushing the process
and experience
of drawing beyond
its often peripheral
relationship to other
media to a fully
charged state of
sentient awareness.

The exhibition:
Is the Israeli-born 
New York-based 
artist's fourth solo 
at On Stellar Rays, 
presenting three 
distinct series of 
work, including
All I Thought and 
, ‘Barbara & 
Black and Nougat

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Black and Nougat, 2016 
· Untitled (Barbara), 2016 

On view at:
On Stellar Rays 
213 Bowery, New York, 
NY 10002, United States. 

December 4, 2016.