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Orupabo & Jafa @ Kunstnernes Hus


© Frida Orapubo & Arthur Jafa

Individual views:
Courtesy of The Artist
Galerie Nordenhake
Photos: Carl Henrik Tillberg

Installation views:
Kunstnernes Hus (2019)
Photos: Vegard Kleven

Video/quoted excerpts:
Arthur Jafa in
conversation with
Anne Hilde Neset


April 10, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
Frida Orupabo
& Arthur Jafa,
Medicine for
a Nightmare
’ @
Kunstnernes Hus 

You don't listen 
to people dance, you
watch people dance,
that's undeniable
and that's visual

‘Medicine for a
Is Norwegian–Nigerian 
artist Frida Orupabo's 
first institutional
exhibition in Norway, 
for which she has also 
invited American artist
and filmmaker Arthur
Jafa to show his 2016
video ‘Love Is the
Message, the Message
Is Death

The exhibition:
Presents nine wall-
mounted tablet/video
works of Orupabo's
ongoing artistic project
on Instagram, alongside
a series of large-scale
figurative collages
on paper, joined with
split pins in a way that
recalls paper dolls or
sculptural objects. 

@nemiepeba is a
dancer... a voluptuous
trail of black continuity.

On view at:
Kunstnernes Hus 
Wergelandsveien 17, 
0167 Oslo, Norway. 

April 21, 2019.