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Josh Smith @ Xavier Hufkens


© 2019 Josh Smith

All images:
Courtesy of the artist
Xavier Hufkens, Brussels
Installation views:
Allard Bovenberg


July 8, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
 Josh Smith,
Finding Emo
@ Xavier Hufkens

For thousands of
years, death has
assumed a human
or skeletal form in
various cultures. The
Grim Reaper — a dark,
hooded figure who
harvests (or ‘reaps’)
human souls with
his scythe...

1976, Okinawa, Japan. 

The exhibition:
Is American artist
Josh Smith's second 
solo with Xavier Hufkens
in Brussels — spanning
both gallery outposts, 
presenting new paintings
& monotypes depicting
the Grim Reaper

Seen within this
context, the image of
the Grim Reaper can
also be read as a cliché:
an image so ubiquitous
that it is barely given
a second thought. In
this series, Smith rises
to the challenge of how
to paint the Grim Reaper
in a contemporary and
meaningful way. 

I try to strip out as
much of the content
as possible, so the
viewer does not have
to reach for a meaning.
You don’t have to look
at one thing and try
to get it. The one in
front of me is the one
I am looking at now.

On view at:
Xavier Hufkens 

6 & 107 rue St-Georges,
St-Jorisstraat, 1050
Brussels, Belgium. 

July 13, 2019.