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Stuart Middleton & Frans Masereel


© Stuart Middleton
Frans Masereel

Courtesy of
The Artists
The Institute of
Contemporary Arts

Individuals works &
Installation views,

Stuart's portait,

Frans's portrait,
Frans Masereel


June 22, 2017 

2-TIMES  Art
Stuart Middleton, ‘Beat’
Frans Masereel, ‘The City’
@ ICA, London

I’m writing this
sitting at a plastic
table looking out
over the hedgerows,
with their grey
coating of road
grime and listening
to the ravens
cawing to each
other in brittle
bits of woodland.

Two exhibitions:
The first is the
institutional solo
of artist Stuart
presenting his 
new video ‘Beat’, 
in addition to
a site-specific
developed in
response to the
architecture of
the Lower Gallery.
The second
exhibition, and
adjacent to
Middleton’s show
in the Upper
Gallery, is a
display dedicated
to Frans Masereel’s
woodcut works
The City’. 


Situated in the
Upper Gallery is a
new stop-frame
animation showing an
undernourished dog
moving around in a
brightly lit cell that
recalls the white-
washed austerity of
vivisection laboratories,
euthanasia clinics
and art galleries. 

‘The City’ 
presents 100 evocative
illustrations that
provide a definitive
record of the banalities
of everyday life,
depicting the social
hierarchy, objectification
of women, bureaucracy,
rituals and practices
that defined urban life
in the early 1920s
and that are arguably
still evident today. 

On view at: 
ICA, London 

The Mall, St. James's,
London SW1Y 5AH,
United Kingdom. 

July 2, 2017.

(Institute of 
Contemporary Arts)