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Marilyn Minter @ Lehmann Maupin


© 2018 Marilyn Minter 

Courtesy of
The Artist
Lehmann Maupin,
New York,
Hong Kong,
and Seoul

Individual works +
Installation views,
Kitmin Lee

Nadya Wasylko


October 8, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Marilyn Minter @
Lehmann Maupin,
Hong Kong

Raw, honest, and
at times explicit paintings
& photographs of women.

1948 – Shreveport, 
Los Angeles. 

Lives & works:
New York, NY. 

The exhibition:
is Marilyn's first
solo show in Hong Kong, 
presenting photographs
that utilize a new dye-
sublimation printing
technology, where the
image is printed
directly on metal,
resulting in a uniformity
of vivid luminosity
across the works.

Often described as
photorealist, though
her compositions,
which generally depict
her subjects through
steamed or wet glass,
actually linger on the
cusp of realism and

By pushing the
boundaries of beauty
and glamour imagery,
Minter exposes the
double standards that
influence women’s
identities and presents
brazen alternatives to
the depictions of
women that we
consume daily.

2-TIMES highlights: 
· Last Sleepy Angel, 2017 
· Deep Frost, 2016 

On view at: 
Lehmann Maupin
407 Pedder Building,
12 Pedder Street,
Hong Kong. 

October 27, 2018.