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Keltie Ferris @ Mitchell-Innes & Nash


© Keltie Ferris

Installation views
courtesy of
Mark Woods
Mitchell-Innes & Nash
(New York)

courtesy of Mark Mahaney


April 20, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Keltie Ferris, 
@ Mitchell-Innes & Nash 

The imprints float
in hazy compositions
that suggest the
shadow or memory
of the artist, literally
and figuratively.

The exhibition:
Is Ferris' 3rd with
Mitchell-Innes & Nash,
presenting the Brooklyn-
based artists ongoing
series of body prints,
which began during a 
residency in 2013
however, contrary to
the spray-painted 
abstract canvases 
for which she is 
known, these body 
prints offer an 
avenue for Ferris 
to inject herself 
physically into 
her work, both as a
form of self-portraiture 
and as an alternate 
means of mark-making. 

Coating her body, 
nude or clothed, 
with oil, Keltie 
presses herself 
against paper 
on the floor of 
her studio. She 
then covers the 
impression with 
powdered pigment. 
The result is a 
yet fragmented 
recalling an
X-ray or
Xerox copy. 

Artist influences: 
David Hammons 

Jasper Johns 
...Unlike her 
however, Ferris’ 
body prints reject 
an easy gendered 
identification of the 
body, suggesting a 
fluid and performative 
state of gender identity.

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· About Face (2017)
· Backlash (2017) 

On view at: 
Mitchell-Innes & Nash 
1018 Madison Avenue, 
New York NY 10075, 
United States. 

May 6, 2017.