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Magnus Plessen @ White Cube


© 2018
Magnus Plessen

Courtesy of
The Artist
White Cube

Kitmin Lee


February 27, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Magnus Plessen,
Mess Dress
Mess Undress

@ White Cube

Depicting human
subjects radically
fractured & removed
from context, in
compositions that
push beyond the
traditional parameters
of representation...

Mess Dress,
Mess Undress’: 
Plays, in part, on
the double meaning
of the word ‘mess’
Referring either
to a place where
soldiers congregate,
socialise or eat,
or as a term for
disarray, confusion
or jumble. 

Inspired by: 
German pacifist 
Ernst Friedrich’s 
seminal anti-war 
book War Against 
War (1924). 

The exhibition: 
Is Plessen's first solo
in Hong Kong with
White Cube, featuring
new paintings and
drawings from his 
1914’ series, which
are accompanied by 
a selection of intricate
paper collages by the
Hamburg-born artist. 

2-TIMES highlights: 
· Untitled (38), 2017 
· Untitled (42), 2018 

On view at: 
White Cube 

50 Connaught Rd
Central, Central,
Hong Kong. 

March 17, 2018.