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Meriem Bennani @ C L E A R I N G


© 2019 Meriem Bennani

All images & content:
Courtesy of The Artist
C L E A R I N G,
New York / Brussels

Installation views:
JSP Art Photography

Meriem's portrait:
Sunny Shokrae

Text excerpts:
Ben Davis


October 14, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
Meriem Bennani,
Party on the CAPS
@ C L E A R I N G,
New York

A rebus of present-
day personal anxieties,
strained through sci-fi

1988 – Rabat, Morocco. 

‘Party on the CAPS’:
Set in a Moroccan
neighborhood of an
island in the Atlantic
called The Caps, 
Bennani presents a
30 minute film depicting
a world of familiar but
perplexingly mutated
human relations; featuring 
oddball sculptural elements,
including bleachers clad in
fake albino crocodile skin,
irregularly sized glowing
cylindrical seats, and
a wonky multi-screen
setup that fragments
and sometimes warps
the projected images. 

We don’t take
anything for granted
here—not even

On view at:
C L E A R I N G 
396 Johnson Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11206,
United States. 

October 27, 2019.