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Michael Armitage @ White Cube


All Images
Courtesy of
White Cube
© Michael Armitage

Installation views,
© White Cube:
Kitmin Lee

Individual views,
© White Cube:
George Darrell &
Ben Westoby

Michael's portrait,
© White Cube:
Ben Westoby

Quoted text,
Catherine Lampert


February 1, 2017

2-TIMES · Art
Michael Armitage,
Strange Fruit
@ White Cube 

The visual iconography
of East Africa lies at
the heart of Armitage's
practice: its urban
and rural landscape,
colonial and modern
vernacular architecture,
advertising hoardings,
lush vegetation and 
varied animal life.

Michael's aesthetic:
Consciously explores
the intersection of
societal & sexual
behaviour against a
backdrop of cultural

The exhibition

Is the London-based 
artist's first solo in
Hong Kong, for which 
Armitage weaves 
multiple truths into
his lyrical, figurative
paintings that focus
primarily on personal
narratives from his
native country, Kenya. 

His approach is
synthetic but various
in terms of composition;
sometimes shapes flow,
occasionally images
are cut and pasted,
he experiments with
florid colour & sinuous
line, and eventually
the elements click
into place….

· Slight of Hand, 2016
· The Octopus's Veil, 2016

 view at: 
White Cube 

50 Connaught Road,
Central, Central,
Hong Kong. 

March 11, 2017.