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Nina Beier @ Metro Pictures


© 2018 Nina Beier

All images:
Courtesy of
The Artist
Metro Pictures,
New york


November 9, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Nina Beier,
Baby’ @
Metro Pictures

reating conversations
in which material
properties and
sociopolitical baggage
talk in circles...

1975 – Aarhus, Denmark. 

Lives & works:
Berlin, Germany. 

Is Beier's 2nd solo
at Metro Pictures
comprising numerous
series / works, 
including bath sinks
tactfully stuffed with 
cigars, grand marble
lions & beard trimmings, 
and Mars bars & slabs 
of freshly cut asphalt. 

She is drawn to
those that have
continually mutated
and evolved as a
result of transcultural
exchange, reflecting
on the fluctuating
value assigned to
them throughout the
world at different
times in history.

2-TIMES' highlights: 
Man's Mind, 2018 
· Mars, 2018 

On view at: 
Metro Pictures 

519 W 24th St,
New York, NY 10011,
United States. 

December 21, 2018.