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Rey Akdogan @ Hannah Hoffman


© Rey Akdogan
Hannah Hoffman
Gallery, Los Angeles

Installation &
Individual views,
Veli-Matti Hoikka

Quoted text,
As told to
David Muenzer
for Art Forum


August 15, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Rey Akdogan @
Hannah Hoffman
Gallery, Los Angeles

Planned actions;
that expand ceaselessly,
that are fierce, 
that are unutterable, 
that have to exist 
with other fads... 

that never let it out,
that only appear on
slow nights, 
that never explain, 
that steal the shadow
of other actions.

1974, Germany. 

New York. 

The exhibition: 
Is Akdogan's 2nd
solo with Hannah 
Hoffman, in Los
Angeles, presenting
a series of new
works that touch
on invisible standards
and everyday objects,
such as crash rails,
in order to mine
emotional reactions
and systemic analysis. 

I’m interested in 
how their varying 
physical appearances 
are largely determined 
by how they operate. 
That sort of operational 
abstraction is what 
holds together the 
construction of 

· Faction #24, 2017 
· Solid #19, 2017 

On view at: 
Hannah Hoffman Gallery 

1010 N Highland Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90038,
United States. 

August 26, 2017.

CRA 200F, CRA 200F, CRA 800F, [RAL
9005, RAL 9005] solid #19, 2017Solid #19, 2017